Aid to Ukraine: You Can Help by Donating

Aid to Ukraine: In one of the most surprising global reactions of the 21st century, the preponderance of world has very vocally come together to condemn the invasion and warfare beset upon Ukraine and its citizens by the Russian government and Vladimir Putin. The worldwide denunciation is heartening, but actions speak louder than words.


There are many ways to support the citizens of Ukraine, both those who remain in the country and the many millions who have taken refuge in bordering countries like Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Slovakia.


We thought we would make this easier for you and have provided a list of organizations who are on the ground helping Ukrainians in need and accepting donations to keep up the good work.


Click below on Aid to Ukraine: How You Can Help for a list of organizations with embedded direct hyperlinks to their donation pages.


Aid to Ukraine How You Can Help


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24 Mar, 2022

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