Our Vision

Our team of smart people want to help organizations and solve the cybersecurity challenges that plague them with the necessary experience, knowhow and forward thinking required in an always evolving cyberthreat landscape. We will continue to build a trusted environment with our clients and provide optimal solutions so they can best focus on the business of doing business.

our mission

Ravdal is committed to making the world a better, safer, and kinder place by helping organizations be more secure in an insecure world. We are devoted to keeping our ear to the ground on breakthrough technologies, evolving best practices, and emerging threats. We are diehard passionate advocates for our clients’ success and we feed on the insight that allows us to empower our clients with the safety they deserve

We succeed when you can do your job without having to worry about cybersecurity.

our team

What started out as a one-man show, grew to a smattering of associates, then blossomed into Ravdal’s exceptional network of Cybersecurity Engineers and industry experts. Each Ravdal team member is screened for expertise, integrity and unwavering commitment to protecting our clients, their data, and their operations.

You simply won’t find a more passionate, innovative, and inquisitive group of cybersecurity professionals in the industry.


Stig has a 20-year track record as a cybersecurity expert and industry thought leader. Prior to launching Ravdal Inc., he led the North America security practice of a multinational technology company and was Chief Security Officer for a popular restaurant franchise system. His professional experience includes deep dives in compliance management, solution architecture, design & implementation, penetration testing, risk assessment and security awareness training.

When he takes off his bat cape, Stig relishes time spent with his family. He is an avid pilot and sailor.

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