Ravdal offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions for financial services organizations desiring to protect their infrastructure, networks, data and users against continuously evolving threats, while ensuring compliance with regulations and requirements including GLBA/FFIEC, NCUA, SOX, and the FTC Red Flags Rule.



Healthcare record systems are very attractive targets for cyber criminals because of the richness of the information they contain. Personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI), Medicare and Medicaid IDs are readily used to submit fraudulent tax claims, obtain free healthcare services, open credit cards and bank accounts. Ravdal performs assessments to evaluate an organization’s compliance with the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rule requirements, HITECH Act provisions (i.e. breach notification), as well the organization’s overall security and data privacy posture.


Retail outlets, restaurants, and service providers face attacks from many directions. New credit/debit card technologies such as chip cards, tokenization, and point-to-point encryption often out pace payment card industry (PCI) compliance mandates. Ravdal assists organizations in meeting compliance mandates and prepare for formal PCI QSA assessments while concurrently building a practical technical and policy approach to mitigating cyber risk.



Industrial, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing organizations have substantial capital investments in plants and equipment, critical process control systems and logistics. Disruptions and stolen intellectual property (IP) can have measurable financial impact on the business. Ravdal assists industry protect infrastructure, avoid down-time from security incidents, safeguard IP, and comply with regulatory requirements.



Increased scrutiny and the exposure of data breaches by many agencies have made IT security policies a top priority for government and public sector organizations. Further, regulatory and industry regulations facing government agencies, notably FISMA and PCI DSS, require organizations to have a thorough understanding of their risks and be equipped to implement policies and technology to rectify any deficiencies. Ravdal has extensive experience assisting government agencies navigate increasing complex governance and compliance regulations.


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